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"We Are People, Not Patients." 


Our mission is to raise awareness of and reduce restraint and seclusion use within the American mental health industry. We actively protest, give talks in schools, make speeches, and engage in a wide variety of other methods in order to provide a voice for America's silenced patients. 


Your Experience Matters

Are you someone who has been through the mental hospital system? Have you been wronged by never-ending cycles of restraints and seclusion, or watched as other children suffered? Even if you weren't directly affected, your voice matters. This is a place to speak for yourself and those who are silenced.


Sharing Survivors' Stories

The mental health machine in America is tightly guarded and its mechanisms are often kept quiet. By elevating and spreading facts, testimonies, information, and more, we highlight the harsh realities of psychiatric treatment. 


Spreading the Truth

We send notes to state representatives, lead/participate in protests for reform, give speeches, and teach local schools about mental health awareness. By joining us, you are choosing to take a stand for those who are forcefully held down. Our goal is to improve American psychiatric care so that it truly provides help for those who need it.


Note: We are currently working on our mobile phone webpage. Please open our website on your computer for the best viewing experience!

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