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Mira Goldstein, Executive Director

Meet the Team!

Olivia Parashar

Co-founder and Executive Director

Hi! I'm Olivia, an eighteen-year-old student from Bedford, New Hampshire (state of the famed Large Pile of Horseshoes!). Having experienced mental health challenges of my own - and subsequently bouncing around various American hospitals - I witnessed devastating methods of "treatment" and became determined to cause a change. When I'm not managing SecondAid, I work as an aide at a palliative care center; when I'm not doing that, you can most definitely find me trying to teach my cat how to walk with a leash. 

Mira Goldstein

Co-founder and Executive Director

I'm eighteen and live in Winchester, Massachusetts. Over the last four years, I've been through almost every level of care in the American mental health system, from partials to state hospitals. I aim to help educate others about institutionalized child abuse, using whatever platform I have available (mainly TikTok!). I'm working on a memoir that not only narrates my hospital experiences but everything else that's made me who I am today. The book will include everything from artwork to love letters, so keep your eyes open!  

SecondAid's Associate Director

Tessa Goldstein

Associate Director

Even though I've never been in the system myself, I know many who have. Through hearing stories and visiting many institutions, I have realized how easy it is to misuse power over patients. I decided to join SecondAid hoping to raise this understanding and awareness in others who don't have first-hand experiences in the system. 

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