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Armita's Story

"The Ones They've Failed" 

Armita and her dog, Case
Eating again, after becoming conscious from a seizure.
October with Case
Armita after being cleared to eat after a seizure

I have been a “revolving door” patient in the mental health system for the past 2 years or so, after 9 hospitalizations and over a dozen ER visits, I’m still nowhere near stable, despite the amount of “treatment” I have received. In reality all of that “treatment” was just a rundown – a list of medications and learning – to lie to the doctors and nurses about how I wasn’t suicidal anymore in order to get out. After the realization that the hospital wouldn’t help me, I’ve had numerous doctors, therapists, and social workers question me in terms of how serious I was about my attempts, trying to convince me that I was just “looking for attention,” telling ME, the person who’s tried to end her life so many times I’ve lost count that I've never "actually wanted to die." 

It’s sickening how they get to blame their failure as professionals on us – on the ones that they’ve failed.

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