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Ways to Help

Your time, energy, and support are vital to making changes in the American mental health system. There are a variety of ways to get involved in Second Aid, from in-person speeches to virtual conferences to setting up state-wide chapters. Contact us to begin!



Legislative reform is vital to securing long-term change. Lobbying roles include:

  • Sending letters, phone calls, and/or emails to your state representatives 

  • Leading protests near government buildings

  • Meeting with leading lawmakers to discuss changes that support patients' rights

  • Help with the creation of bylaws and an initiative petition

State Chapters

Increasing engagement is absolutely critical to Second Aid's ultimate success. Please contact us via email if you're interested in beginning a chapter in your state, and we'll begin an interview and intake process. 


Speaking up and sharing is at the core of SecondAid's program of action:

hundreds of thousands of patients are silenced and so abuse goes ignored.

Advocation roles include:

  • Sharing your own experiences 

  • Touring schools to help implement mental health awareness and more efficient, related programs 

  • Making speeches to bring common awareness

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