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Jo's Story

"Body Checks"

I’ve spent the past year in and out of inpatient psych. I went back for my sixth time. I was waiting on a medical floor to get a psychiatric bed. During my wait there was no support so I continued to fall apart and take harmful actions (towards myself and security). I struggled with giving up objects and instead of receiving support, security was called to hold me down while they ripped an object from my hand. They would also do body checks while five grown men held me down. That included changing my clothes and searching in private areas. I was bruised, bleeding, and restrained after all these interactions. 


The night I got to inpatient psych, I was struggling. I was self-harming. It got to a point the hospital decided was then “unsafe”. They called security. I couldn't get myself to walk to the “quiet room” cause I didn’t want to! So they picked me up and dragged me in. I was terrified, so I fought back. They held me down on the floor of the “quiet room”. While being held down by all men, I was searched. That included having someone reach their hands in my crotch and check that I wasn't hiding anything. I was screaming and crying because that was so terrifying. The staff then proceeded to rip all my clothes off of me and give me multiple IM medications. After I was thoroughly sedated, they left me in the camera room overnight with just a pair of underwear on. I then (for two days) was not allowed pants and had to walk around the unit in a shirt and underwear, where there were many other patients and staff. 


My hospitalization this January was also quite traumatic. They decided I needed to be on a 2:1 [two staff watching one patient], and told my mom it was for extra therapy and support, but all they did was lock me in the “quiet room” and watch on cameras. They told my mom I would be allowed personal hygiene, but when I asked I was only allowed to pee. I left the hospital covered in bruises. I was hospitalized a week ago and I still have bruises. 


This needs to stop. None of these treatments help anyone! Thank you for creating this. Sending love to everyone.

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