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Myles's Story

"Just to Make Me Feel Safe"

When I was inpatient for the 6th time I was restrained everyday. But one day I was restrained for a whole 12 hour shift. During the struggle, a guard smacked me and called me names. My arms were turning black and my ribs were broken from the chest strap. And the next day he tried to press charges because I had hit him (which I did), after he hit me.

All the staff supported the guard pressing charges except for two of them. These two managed to cover my scars for a month until they finally got all the right authorities involved. They both took extra shifts for a month and crap from their coworkers just to make me feel safe after the incident. 

My little brother!_edited.jpg
The first visit I earned in 2017 – my grandma and I_
First Christmas home from three years of treatment_
My dog and I hiking!
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