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Toni's Story


I'm seventeen. I was Baker-Acted [forcefully institutionalized] in October [of 2021] which I later learned stemmed from a depressive episode, being a side of my then undiagnosed bipolar disorder. I had previously suffered from body dysmorphia, bulimia and anxiety, and because of my past ED, I was refused proper outpatient treatment by many hospitals. I was given the choice between being institutionalized or possibly never getting outpatient treatment, so I chose the former.

While some aspects were okay, I still have haunting memories; a thirteen year old girl being forcefully woken up and held down for her blood to be taken, screaming for her mom. wrongfully Baker-Acted kids. Unable to go outside for days at a time and having a breakdown over the fact that I couldn't even tell the time. Night time techs being cruel and refusing interaction during our free time.
I was released after six days, and with minor trauma, but I know so many people and kids have gone through worse. I'm getting proper help now, but it doesn’t negate what happened.

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