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Anonymous Story (I)

"I Will Make You Feel Pain"

Once when I was in a mental health ward and having an episode, security was called and 7 men started pinning me down, one being on my neck so I couldn't move my head. I was picked me up and taken to my room, and one of them was holding me by the back of my hoodie. I was choking loudly but they didn’t do anything. When I was in my room they held me down and they were calling me a fucking bitch and saying "We are going to inject you!" and laughing. They talked over me and said that they were going to let me go so I could just try to kill myself and told the nurses to inject me faster so that everyone could leave.


One of the security people said: "every time you struggle I will make you feel some pain," and he would dig all his weight into my legs while I was screaming. After the nurses injected me, the guards left me in my room and watched from the doorway as I tried to choke myself. This experience was horrible and traumatic and there wasn’t a nurse with me like there is legally supposed to be following an injection.


I still am not able to sleep on a mattress because of the constant flashbacks.

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